Artists Statement

Foremost I see myself as an artist working on paper, rather than a photographer. The camera is just one of my chosen mediums. Etching, Lithography and drawing in charcoal, pencil, pen and ink were my chosen monochromatic tools, until my love sketching with the camera overtook these other pursuits. I have a love affair with paper, bamboo, cotton, washi, and kozo. Paper is beautiful because it connects us back to nature, to the raw materials of plant matter it is made from. It reminds me of where our life blood comes from. 

The long history of drawing on paper is my biggest influence. I work in a visual medium. It relies on visual communication. Our visual literacy comes from art. I am inspired by the great draftspersons of the world. Japanese ink wash paintings caught my attention as a youth. Norman Lindsay caught my attention with his figures. Rembrandt with his etchings. Caravaggio with his chiaroscuro. Durer with his draftsmanship. Pollock with his freedom with expression. Milo for his masterpieces masquerading as childlike.  

I create my art solely for myself. I am to create artworks that are timeless for me. Ones I am happy with over time. For my ultimate test of the beauty in my work, is if I can still love it after looking at if for an extended period of time.  

I ache for beauty. I see and hear enough evil and terrible things in the world, and choose not to add to this mess. I, instead prefer to show a tranquil place in mother earth. One that is threatened and endangered. One that gives me my soul and spirituality. One that calms and comforts me.  My work is always about conservationism. Preserving. Honouring. Looking after. I fear for natures future. 

I strive for simplicity, I carry only minimal equipment. Usually one standard prime lens. I choose to work in monochrome and in sepia. I only print on gentle soft mat fine art papers. I want my work to reflect that simplicity. I work square to honour the medium format film work I loved in my teenage years. Keeping my work simple, I concentrate on my emotions, what my intuition tells me. It is a conversation I am having between my rational conscious self with my subconscious. Often these are years apart.  

In sharing this work with others I offer you to join in to this inner conversation. My monochromatic sketches and paintings. Sharing the beauty of the places I love. 
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