Thick mist envelops this place regularly. Exploring its shapes and the depth captivates. Here just above Furber Steps, near Katoomba Falls, The Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area, Australia
Looking out over Jamison Valley, the delicate leaves and branches in these trees create a drawing of lines and tones. Just above Furber Steps, out towards Katoomba Falls. The Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area, Australia
Sun Breaking through the mist, looking up through the canopy, the thick mist still in the trees, in Furber Steps, Katoomba, Australia
Looking back up Witches Leap above Furber Steps through the coachwoods.
Growing high on the cliff wall, these are only out for a few weeks each year.
Looking down the canyon towards Furber Steps, the thin mist gives us the beautiful glow.
This King Fern watches out over Witches Leap on Furber Steps.
Mist shrouds Jamison Valley from Katoomba Falls. This beautiful skeleton leans out over the cliff clinging preciously to the tiny remnants of soil that manage to stay there.
Two trees frame these gorgous falls, on Furber Steps.
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